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Bai Hassan

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The Bai Hassan field lies in the north of Iraq, just to the southwest of the Kirkuk field. The field is an elongated, northwest-southeast oriented structure about 25 kilometers long and up to 4 kilometers wide.  The main part of the structure is referred to as the Kithke dome, the extension to the northwest as the Daoud dome.  The main producing horizons are the same fractured Tertiary limestone formations as those found in the Kirkuk field (the Main Limestone). There is also production from the same three Cretaceous reservoirs as in Kirkuk, namely the Shiranish, Mauddud (though it excludes the Kometan) and Shu’aiba formations.

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Iraqi Dinar Exchange Rates
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  • 1175 I.D.
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  • 4352 I.D.
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  • AED
  • 320 I.D.