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02 Feb 2016

Interrupting ISIL's finance flow examined by Foreign Affairs Sub-committee (UK Parliament)

Interrupting ISIL's finance flow examined by Sub-committee The Foreign Affairs Committee has established a sub-committee to examine the UK’s role in interrupting the flow of financing to ISIL.  All members of the Committee are members... Read More

30 Dec 2015

Iraq's Perfect Storm: The Challenges of ISIS and Oil

Professor Frank R. Gunter (author of 'The Political Economy of Iraq') spoke to Harem Karem about Iraqi and KRG corruption, ISIS, the oil price drop, partition and other issues. HK: You have called for fundamental change in the Iraqi economy; aside... Read More

15 Dec 2015

Exclusive Interview with H.E. Thamir Al-Ghadhban

Iraq Energy Institute (IEI) conducted this exclusive interview with HE Thamir Al-Ghadhban, the Senior Advisor to the Prime Minister of Iraq on Energy Affairs. Mr. Al-Ghadhban has decades’ of experience in the energy sector, working through the... Read More

27 Jun 2015

$7.3 billion on KRG fuel imports could have been saved with affordable gas: Luay al-Khatteeb

June 27, 2015. Interview by Harem Karem:   Q1: How do you see the future of the current deal between Baghdad and Erbil? We are handing over the agreed oil volumes to Baghdad and fighting a war with ISIS. Why is the federal government still... Read More

07 Aug 2014

The New Capital of Terrorism: Expert Opinion

August 7, 2014 (World Economic Journal, Brookings)   By: Luay Al-Khatteeb and Olga Irisova   Editor's Note: Luay Alkhatteeb was speaking with Olga Irisova of World Economic Journal. This interview was originally... Read More